Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Having fun with Sigma 8 mm f3.5 EX DG Circular Fisheye

Last week I had this lens for a test, so I had some fun with it. I took a few funny portraits of my friends. I'm going to get it back soon, together with Canon 1Ds, so I'll do serious tests later. I'm not sure how serious, because I'm not sure what you can shoot besides photos of skateboarders and funny portraits, which I already did. I heard it's also usable for astrophotography and for paragliders (if they shoot during the flight, they really get everything in the picture). And ofcourse for panoramas.

All the photos are taken in a bar at ISO 400-1250 (800 pushed for 2/3 stops):

Shot wide open at f3,5 and ISO 1250 (800+2/3 stops in Rawshooter). As you can see, sharpness in the center is excellent.

My last session

I had my last real session almost 2 months ago. I was shooting together with my boy Matjaž aka Matias. He's a photoreporter and a semi-pro fashion and portrait photographer, you can see his works on billboards all over his hometown Celje. We were supposed to have two models, Andreja and another girl. At the end only Andreja came, because the second model had a mood swing, and changed her mind right before the session. Working in pair with one model sucks, but we still managed to get a few good photos from this session. I've decided to keep my future posts short&sweet (my previous were way too long for most of the visitors of my blog), so I'll get right to the photos.

This one is going to be on the cover of ONA magazine in january.

Here's the link to the photos taken by Matjaž aka Matias