Saturday, April 21, 2007

My dawgs (locked @f1.8)

I wanted to take photos today. Badly. I felt an urge to have a session. I had a few ideas and a couple of locations to try. But I couldn't get a model, I contacted a bunch of girls. With no luck, a few were studying, one on a trip in Holland, one is sick and the last was outta town.

I said to myself: ok, no models for today, I'll bother my friends (what's not even remotely close to a session with a model ofcourse, but better than nothing).So I brought my camera with me when I went for a cup of coffee with my friends, but the midday sun ruined everything (I didn't even try to take any photos). After I spent the whole day outside, I finally got "lucky" and took a few shots of my friends just before the sunset.

This is it:
Who tha playa, ho


Don't fuck with me, esse

Ker se cenim