Wednesday, May 2, 2007


A day with 85L and a model:D. Most of the shots are taken at ISO 800, since I noticed that when I was half way through the session. It was cloudy and I didn't find it weird to have such high shutter speeds, because I got used to having them at f1.2 (the first day I couldn't believe the difference and was checking ISO settings too). Ok it doesn't matter for web size anyway. You can still check the bokeh, colours, DOF and sharpness. But I feel a bit stupid nevertheless...

Ok, here are the photos, all of them straight out of rawshooter and all of them, except for the first one, are taken at f1.2:

EDIT: I've just done a few minor adjustments to this one...

A kiss for all my readers. Contrast is untouched. Colours are so saturated, that I add much less contrast in Rawshooter (shadow contrast also boosts colours), than with my 85 1.8, not to mention the 50 1.8, which has completely "washed" coulours compared to both 85's especially the L version.

f1.2, ISO 100+1 stop in rawshooter,1/2000

100% crop