Friday, December 22, 2006 fashion photo workshop

The workshop took place on a sunny day on may 13th 2006. We had 7 models and two sports cars. The practical part (shooting) was in Metelkova mesto, a place for alternative culture, art and music. There are many interesting places to shoot, endless walls of graffiti, staircases and sculptures. I'm going to show you a few of my photos (again I didn't take that many shots, since I coordinated the workshop and assisted photographers by holding reflectors). I wanted to put a link to the workshop coverage on, but unfortunately all the photos were hosted on, which deletes the photos after a few months (only text is left...).

On this image, behind/below the sexy model, you can see a Porsche Boxter S (a part of it really), which is no ordinary Boxter S. The owner RSR motorsport exchanged the engine with Porsche's 911 and tuned it up to 367 horsepower (over 100 more then the stock Boxter S), suspension and rims were changed and carbon body kit was added. Unfortunately I didn't take pics of the cars (there was a turbo charged 315 horsepower Audi TT roadster as well), since other photographers did. As mentioned before I can't link it to the workshop coverage, since the photos was deleted from webhosting site

. ... . . . Fetish?