Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lensbaby 3G

I got it yesterday for a 10 day tryout. It's a very nice little lens, with a single glass element and a simple construction. One can be very creative with it. It also takes quite some time to get familiar with the focusing and sweet spot adjusting. I was practising today during coffee time, while I managed to get a few snapshots in focus, most were still OOF. And I thought MF lenses were tricky to use:). I still have a week to go, so I think I'll master the basics during that period and make a few interesting, if not creative, then at least abstract shots.

Both samples are taken at f2. Please overlook the colour imbalance, since it's not important for this samples:

It's sweet to be able to adjust the sweet spot:). But bokeh is awful:

3G is basically a 2G with a focus locking mechanism, which I don't find very useful for people shots. But it sure is useful for still art etc, when you have the time to lock and then fine focus/fine tune the sweet spot. If I was buying it, I'd probably go for the 2G version which is also around 50% cheaper.