Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Canon EF-S 17-55 2.8 IS teaser

I got my hands on it today. My first impression is that it's by far the sharpest zoom lens in this range. I know it has the reputation for being ultra sharp, that's why I brought the Canon EF 50 1.8 with me to the city centre (mostly architectural photos), but didn't compare it - I plan to in the next few days. I think they are comparable at 50 mm, we'll see if my assumption is correct by the end of next week when I'll post a complete review, with 100% crops across the focal and aperture (f2.8-f8) range as well as IS tests.

center 100% crop: 17 mm, IS off, shutter speed: short enough;), ISO 100

100% crop: 55mm, IS on (I forgot to turn it off), f2.8, 1/200, ISO 100

Million dollar baby

This is the last session that I had with Tisa. We shot that in Sepetember in (and near) an abandoned slaughterhouse. Unfortunately we couldn't do everything we planned, because Tisa was late and she didn't have her makeup done, so we had to do it on the location. We also skipped the second makeup (which I really needed for some photos, which we didn't take or we did, but they didn't come out as well) and shoot all the photos with only minimal make up (and some water sprinkled on her every few minutes). We rushed a bit, since we had only an hour left to shoot (I planned a two hour session), but in the end I think it came out good. Tisa showed all her talent and beauty, so we were pleased with the results and the feedback from my friends and in on-line galleries was very good. On the other hand it was a good experience too, because we were time-pressed - I'm sure the experience will be useful someday, when something will go wrong, something maybe even more important, something that will have to be done on that day (commercial shooting). I just think my job won't be as easy as with Tisa, because she knows what I want from her (we had many sessions), on a few occasions it seemed like she read my mind:).