Sunday, June 17, 2007

First session with Tina

Today was a first time for many things. Tina had a session for the first time in her life, I shot a session with D200 and 85 1.4 for the first time, that was our first session (doh:D).

I went more or less into details this time, these are more or less beauty photos:

Joining hobbies

My boy S3to took his model plane for a flight today. And we've joined our hobbies. You know, the things we like to do the most in our lives (ok I earn my living with photography, but never the less I still love it). Ofcourse I didn't take in flight photos. Sport photography bores me to death. But I took a couple of snapshots in the field, here's one:

Taken with Nikon D200 and 85 1.4, I warmed the colours quite a bit (500 or 600K), to get a more pleasing end result. At least to me, I'm used to warmer Canon colours. A great combo, I'll shoot a session with it later this afternoon.