Saturday, April 7, 2007

I don't have any photos to post:(

It's been a week without posting. I didn't post anything, because I didn't want to bore you with uninteresting stuff, I haven't photographed anyone/anything interesting (who cares about table top photos etc). I was going to have a session today, but it was postponed, so I'm shooting with Tanja on monday.
Now that the weather is getting better, I'm also going to shoot more, so there'll be more photos to post. Outside. And the girls won't be dressed that much anymore:). Yeah! I'm starting to miss sessions that are taken outside, since I mostly work in the studio lately. Ok, I'll still do some of the nude sessions in the studio and I have to practise anyway. Because there's no time for practise, when you're working and absolutely no time for experiments (from which you can learn some interesting things).