Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hip hop party in Gala Hala

Yesterday I was on a hip hop party in Metelkova Mesto. It was crazy. DJs were rolling mostly good old-school rap. I was there with my boy DkleMan . DJ Ninja put us on her guest list and we returned her the favour, by making her a few photos. We almost missed her gig, because one of the DJs canceled, so she started a couple of hours earlier, so we managed to get only a few photos of her, without the time to set up the camera and flash unit properly. We are "noobs" when it comes to party photography and need a bit more time to get the settings right. When we got it right she already finished and DJ Supastar came on the stage. I took most of the shots with the kit lens 18-55 and flash unit Canon 430 EX on Canon 350D. I mounted Sigma 30 1.4 (which I'm currently testing) for a short period of time, but it wasn't wide enough.

On the first two photos you can see miss DJ Ninja, on the last three DJ Supastar: