Saturday, January 20, 2007

I got stood up

Yeah, it had to happen to me too some day. Today was the day. And ofcourse it had to happen on a day that everything was planned, weather was nice and the model gorgeous. Murphy. And I'm an understandable person, if she'd at least call or send a sms, that she couldn't make it. It wouldn't be a problem. Ok it would be since the weather is going to be bad for quite some time now. But I would understand. However I can't understand one could be so hypocritical and without any guilt to turn off the phone. And she wanted to be a model (didn't make it although she looks really good), now I don't wonder why she didn't succeed (or at least get a few commercial to shoot etc) anymore.
I'm sorry to bother you with this shit, I promise my next posts will be better, more positive. And I'll be careful in the future (a good thing was we were supposed to shoot in Ljubljana, so at least I didn't drove on the other part of the country for nothing). But I also learned something from that bad experience, every experience (bad or good) is beneficial in some way.