Thursday, July 5, 2007

A few 1D mkII snapshots

I got Canon 1D mkII for a few days (I wanted to take 1Ds mkII, but an error ocurred yesterday and it wasn't repaired yet), so I took it for a spin, to set it up for saturday's wedding. I wanted FF because it's very usable for a backup with 50 mm lens on it and excellent for the romantic shots, because of thinner DOF. On the other hand, the focal lenght for closeups is better on 1D and you can get closer too (crop). I wanted a FF or a 1.6 crop (usable only as a backup). But neither was available. I'll have to do it with a compromise, I guess.

Anyway, a few pics of my dawgs:

Bad ass muthafucka, ain't he?

He couldn't concentrate on a game of strategy that we were playing because of my shutter pressing frenzy