Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Slo-Foto.net shooting

On August 25th 2006 Slo-foto organised another shooting with pro models. Until this shooting, we (I'm a part of the Slo-foto team) only had various photo workshops. This time we decided that theory and mentorship were unnecessary and focused on the practical part only, since many experienced photographers don't care much about theory and they just want to have a session with good models. And it's cheaper too. A friend of mine attended the shooting and she was amazed by professional approach of the models, which made it easier for her to take photos (and make good photos), since she had no experience with model shooting. At the same time this was a chance for her to see other photographers at work, especially more experienced ones - we all know that the relationship between the model and the photographer is very important (if you want your photos to be good).

We began the shooting on Metelkova in Ljubljana, which offers many interesting places to shoot. Urban&alternative. Interesting. The second part of the shooting was supposed to take place in Ljubljana's main park, Tivoli. But we had to choose another location, because DJ Umek had a big event there at that day, so we decided to shoot the second part in the surroundings of Ljubljana's castle. The environment is pretty much the same as in Tivoli (nature and a castle). We intentionally picked contrasting locations (urban/nature and historical architecture), to offer the participants a variety of environments for photography.

The editor chose this one for the magazine cover:

Since I didn't have the time to make a complete coverage (I was busy holding reflectors etc and took a few shots myself since I needed a photo for the cover of ONA magazine), here's a link to Slo-foto forum, with more photos.