Saturday, December 23, 2006

The best of 2005

2005 was the year I started taking photography as a serious hobby. In may 2005 I bought my first DSLR, Canon 350D (which I still use). Before that I used two compact cameras for around 9 months, before I finally realized compact cameras are limiting me. In 2005 I was a frequent visitor of the ZOO, I was there at least 15 times. On the other hand I had just a few portrait sessions (5-6). I attended a portrait/fine art nude workshop in the summer and a fashion workshop in the fall. At the first workshop, the most important thing that I learned is the interaction with the model (I observed the more experienced photographers). The second was more of a shooting, then a workshop, but it was a great experience working with many beautiful models. I chose the best portrait of 2005 and the best big cat photo.

Ghetto style

Far faraway is Africa