Wednesday, February 14, 2007

15 minute balcony session

I digged this session in my archive. Shots were taken in early October 2006, when my friend Matias was testing studio lighting in Kazina. After a few shots that I made inside with the 2 sofboxes he had, I got bored (I hate studio photography since you are stuck in one place) and shooting at f9 made me sick so I had to ran out on the balcony and make a f1.8 series with Andreja. I'm going to show you a lot of the photos I took, so you can get a picture of what we were shooting.

I started with my tiny Canon 50 1.8 at f2.5 (because it's not sharp below f2.5), the first 3 are made with it:

85 mm, f1.8:

Below you can see two 85 mm, f1.8 shots, with beautiful bokeh. Focused on the near eye:

Again 85 mm, f1,8 focused on the far eye:

Yeah that's me (reflection in the eye). Huge crop f3.5, 1/80 handheld and still sharp:

Please help me decide on the crop. The first one is the original capture, second is cropped:

This come out best of all in my opinion - yeah you've already seen it in another post. 85mm f1.8

EDIT(added at 16.00): I forgot about this "ninja style" photo. I took a few photos like this one, to focus on her beautiful eyes: