Monday, April 9, 2007

Session con chica latina

Yes!!! I've finally made it. I had a session with a latina. Not just a latino looking girl. She's the real thing, she's partly Colombian. It was our first session, we rushed a bit, since we didn't have as much time as we planned, but I'm satisfied with the results. We planned to have 3 parts of the session. The warm up part, with choosing the best styling, the urban part in the center of Ljubljana and the playground part. We shot the first part as planned, for the second we made some photos, but we cut it short since some intrusive people ran into us (started taking photos with their cell-phones) and everyone was watching, so she wasn't relaxed. I'd need a whole team to make this part work, besides the assistant a body guard. We could make the third part as we planned, because there was so much people on the playground, there was a line for every slide, swing etc . So we shot the 3rd part on the stairs near the playground.

She reminds me of Rosario Dawson.