Monday, January 29, 2007

Adsense and a few tips for increasing revenues

This post is going to be totally non-photographical, but still very useful to many of the visitors of my blog. As you can see, I've already put google ads on my blog, which are already bringing me revenue. I like adsense, because it's so easy to use. Once you've signed up and copy/pasted the code, all you have to do is wait for the commercial ads to work (at first public service ads will be displayed, for which you will not receive earnings), this may take up to 48 hours (it took less then 12 hours in my case). From then all you'll have to do, is to make your site interesting enough to get a lot of visitors and to keep them coming back.

A few tips that will increase revenues:
1. match every aspect of your AdSense ads to the theme of your website. What you want to do is remove the borders from your AdSense ads and match the background color of the ad to your website. Additionally, you want to match the color of the AdSense links to the rest of the links on your website plus choose an ad format that makes the ads look seamless
2. ad placement:
-the closer to the top of the page the better
-the closer the left of the page the better

Ofcourse there are many more tips floating on the web, I've written down just the most important ones. Besides that I'm pretty new to adsense and I'm still looking for ways to improve ad revenue myself.

Here's a link to the official Google adsense help center where you can get more detailed info o how to get started, everything about earnings, improving performance etc.