Friday, May 18, 2007

Sigma SD14

I just got it, so you can expect a few samples over the weekend. I'll do some on tomorrow's slo-foto workshop. And ofcourse I'll bother my friends and take a few session shots, if I'll have the time for it (yeah I work every day, even on Sunday).

I'm really looking forward to see whether foveon is just more or less a marketing trick or it really makes a difference. It's really a shame that Sigma doesn't make any fixed focal lenght portrait lenses (medium tele, 85 mm or so). I guess 18-50 2.8 macro will have to do.

First impressions: Nice big vewfinder, only 5 AF points crummed in the centre, dial with only relevant modes (P,A,S,M no P&S stupid modes eg night portrait etc), AF seems pretty fast in low light, AF assist lamp. I'll write more about IQ during the weekend. That's the most important thing anyway.