Sunday, August 12, 2007

Blog monetizing

I've started blogging and also tried to make some money out of it last year, december 15th to be exact. Untill yesterday, my only income was from Google's AdSense (which still represent most of the ads on my site). I did earn over 1.200$ in the last 8 months. Enough to buy me a Canon 30D. But that's just the beginning, my appetite is much bigger, bwahaha. So I decided to sign up to BidVertiser and AdBrite today.

Bidvertiser is a CPC (cost per click) based ad network, similar to Google AdSense. CPC means that you will get payed for all legitimate clicks on the ads that are displayed on your page. It's main advantage over AdSense is its low 10$ payout (via Paypal, meaning also it's not available for Slovenia). You can also get payed by check, you can get payed, when you reach 50$ (Google AdSense has 100$ payout level). You can sign up to BidVertiser by clicking on the banner in the left column, besides this post. EDIT: I've removed both banners (referral and text link ad), since it had performed poorly during the 4 day test period. I know that ad networks should be tested for a month or so, but 57c (I make more money with AdSense in a couple of hours) of revenue in 4 days is a waste of my ad space. Average CPC was only 4c, that's way less than what I make with Google Adsense.

AdBrite has a totally different concept of advertising. It's an internet ad marketplace. Anyone visiting your site can buy an ad directly on your site by clicking “Your Ad Here.” You’ll also be listed in the AdBrite marketplace, and represented by our busy in-house sales staff. You can set the pricing or you can choose the standard 5$ starting price point. That's 150$ per ad monthly and when your traffic increases as well as advertiser's interests revenues are rising progressively.

I'll be testing the following ad networks for a week or two and then report back to you. I think BidVertiser might be a good choice for me, as well as for practically all of the bloggers, who want to earn money with blogging. AdBright might be a bit more tricky and needs a lot of traffic to really work. Because advertisers (people who pay for advertising) are not inclined to pay for their ad placement on low-traffic sites. Only time will tell and time and traffic are the most important factors for succeeding with AdBright advertising.