Sunday, December 17, 2006

Big cats

Besides model photography, I also take photos of big cats from time to time. The last time I was at the ZOO was in march 2006. The following photos were all taken during the end of last winter. All the photos were taken with Canon 350D and Canon EF 85 1.8 (except of the tiger in the rain, which was taken with Canon EF 75-300 USM).

I'll start with the King:

What you can see in the photo above, is the predator's look. I lurred him right up to the fence, about a meter away, so that I could frame him just right with the 85 mm lens and also to get this predator look on his face (which he doesn't have if you're not within his reach)

A min dof lion portrait

Brush with freedom

Damn rain

Min dof portrait of a phlegmatic leopard

Just a min dof portrait

Miss ZOO Ljubljana

Whatcha lookin' at?!?


lenyn said...

great photos, peter!:)

Gregor Harih said...

Hello Peter! I don´t know in which language should I write, so I am writing in English, as you in your blog.
First let me say welcome to bloggers. The photos on your blog are great, specially the portraits and fashion/model shots. You have made big steps forward in photography. I hope that such greats photos like these will come also in future.

Best regards.

Peter Bernik said...

Pisite po zelji, blog je pac v anglesicini predvsem zaradi oglasov, sicer s slovenskim tekstom ne sodelujejo prevec dobro (ce sploh).