Thursday, February 22, 2007

Canon's striking blow to the competition

Canon was expected to make the announcements today for one or more of Canon's new DSLRs. For now Canon announced only one new model, Canon 1D mkIII. It still has APS-H sized sensor (1.3x crop), but they bumped the resolution up to 10 mpix and frame rate to 10 fps. They also introduced a new (finally!) AF system with 19 cross type sensors and 63-zone exposure metering. The speculation regarding 3" live view monitor was also correct as well as dual DIGIC III (to be honest I didn't expect it). However the body stays the same, but they changed button layout and functions.

In my opinion, this is a striking blow for the competition, since it's not even half close. If Nikon won't announce D3H on PMA, it's going to loose quite a lot of pro market (most of photojournalists, sport&wildlife photographers).

Here's the official Canon press release:

Canon today sets new standards for professional photography with the launch of the EOS-1D Mark III. Delivering 10 frames per second at 10.1 Megapixels for a maximum burst of 110 Large JPEG images (30 in RAW), the EOS-1D Mark III replaces the EOS-1D Mark II N as the world’s fastest digital SLR. Dual “DIGIC III” processors drive the camera’s high speed, high resolution performance, and bring 14-bit image processing to the EOS series for the first time.

A ground-up redesign introduces a host of new features and advancements to Canon’s flagship EOS-1 series, including a 3.0” LCD with Live View mode, EOS Integrated Cleaning System, new auto focus system with 19 cross-type sensors, and 63-zone exposure metering. The camera’s APS-H size (28.1 x 18.7 mm) CMOS sensor enables a wider 100-3200 ISO range as standard, expandable to L:50 and H:6400.

“The EOS-1D Mark III represents a complete reappraisal of everything Canon has learned over the past 20 years of EOS development,” said Tsunemasa Ohara, Senior General Manager, Camera Development Center, Canon Inc. “In building this camera, we started with a blank canvas. Every facet of the photographic process has been refined, every design decision re-evaluated to bring us to this point: a camera that combines familiar EOS ergonomics with a vastly enhanced specification. Our engineers are overjoyed with the result.”

Key features

* 10.1 Megapixel APS-H CMOS sensor
* 10 fps continuous shooting for up to 110 frames
* Dual “DIGIC III” processors
* New auto focus system with 19 cross type sensors
* EOS Integrated Cleaning System
* ISO 3200 (expandable to H:6400)
* 3.0” LCD with Live View mode
* Wider, brighter viewfinder
* Picture Style1

The choice of professionals

The EOS-1D line has enjoyed massive popularity among the world’s leading sports, reportage and wildlife photographers, with international wire agencies AFP, Getty and Reuters choosing Canon for their photographers. “The people at Canon are great to work with because they listen to photographers. It’s their attention to detail and the pace of innovation that makes EOS the system of choice,” explained Stephen Munday, Director of Operations – Editorial, Getty Images.

Exceptional image quality

Canon’s dual “DIGIC III” processors deliver unprecedented levels of speed, responsiveness and image quality. Ready to shoot within 0.2 seconds of power on, the EOS-1D Mark III can capture and process over 100 Megapixels of image data per second, rapidly clearing the image buffer to allow up to 110 frames in one burst. Images are processed at 14 bits for a total colour depth of up to 16,384 tones per pixel, compared to 4,096 tones from 12 bit images.

The third generation CMOS sensor incorporates a new pixel design that works together with on-chip noise reduction circuitry to ensure high image quality at ISO 3200. The option to expand to H:6400 will benefit professionals working in news and sports locations where the use of flash is not permitted or desired.

Greater precision, more control

Canon has redesigned its auto focus system to include 19 cross-type sensors with sensitivity up to f/2.8, spread out across the AF area to better accommodate off-centre subjects. An additional 26 AF assist points are used to aid AF tracking for improved accuracy.

Responding to professional photographer requests, a dedicated AF button on the back of the camera allows users to instantly switch auto focus on or off while keeping their eye on the viewfinder. The viewfinder is now brighter and offers a wider angle of view. The camera’s new 63-zone metering system gives photographers greater level of control over exposure.

New LCD with Live View

The bright 3.0” LCD monitor provides 230K pixels resolution for precise framing and reviewing of shots. New to EOS, Live View mode enables photographers to frame without having to look through the viewfinder – particularly useful for shooting from awkward positions.

The menu system on the EOS-1D Mark III has been completely redesigned to take advantage of the LCD size – menus are easier to read and use. A choice of 57 custom functions gives photographers more options for customising camera settings to their daily working requirements. A new My Menu option allows photographers to store frequently used settings on a separate menu for faster access. Settings for new accessories such as the Speedlite 580EX II and Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 – also released today – can be controlled directly from the LCD.

Total reliability

The EOS-1D Mark III incorporates a range of practical enhancements for the working photographer. Shutter durability has been increased by 50% to 300,000 cycles. The body is protected by a magnesium alloy casing with dust and moisture resistant seals. The EOS Integrated Cleaning System provides further reliability by reducing sensor dust, minimising the need for manual cleaning on assignment. To avoid corruption of captured images, a warning appears on the LCD and an alarm sounds if the memory card door is opened while images are still being written. Interfaces include video out (for display in both NTSC and PAL formats) and USB 2.0.

Compatibility and accessories

Canon is marking today’s launch with the release of several additions to the professional EOS system:

* EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM – A fast, ultra wide-angle zoom lens delivering exceptional image quality throughout the aperture range.
* Speedlite 580EX II – An update of the Speedlite 580EX that offers weather resistance when attached to the EOS-1D Mark III.
* Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2 – Smaller, lighter and more versatile than its predecessor, the WFT-E2 speeds up workflows by allowing photographers to transmit images wirelessly during the shoot.
* Original Data Security Kit OSK-E3 – Verifies the authenticity of images taken with the camera and supports image encryption for additional security.


The EOS-1D Mark III is supplied with a comprehensive software suite to help the photographer’s workflow. This includes Digital Photo Professional (DPP), a powerful RAW converter that provides complete RAW image processing control.

DPP integrates with cameras features such as the Dust Delete Data and Picture Style. The camera also comes with EOS Utility, ImageBrowser/Zoom Browser and Photostitch.


Moacyr said...

Your portrait pictures are really great! But I did notice a bit of post-processing in your photos. Thats what I think gives your pictures a unique feel. Can you tell me about your techniques with Photoshop? Incresing constrast, lighting? Do you use studio strobes?

Mih@ said...

6400 ISO AAAAAAAA I'm in love :D Če bi imu para.

OLKI said...

Peter veš kaj me moti pri tebi! Fotografsko nič...heheh

Ampak vsi kompetentni in upoštevanja vredni testerji opreme (Canon, Nikon...karkoli), ko pohvalijo določene lastnosti, nikoli ne pljuvajo v konkurenco ali pa pišejo tako napumpane naslove. Recimo Nikonaški obsedenec Tom Hogan, skoraj vsakič, ko omenja Canon, napiše kak dober hec, ki ga oemnjena firma ima...Ampak to zato, ker pozna zelo dobro oba sistema...TI PAČ NE! Zato nasvet: V dobro svoje kredibilnosti pohvali in pokaži navdušenje nad opremo, ne pa pretiravat. Konec koncev si krasen dokaz za to, da jebeš opremo, če znaš delat z EOS 350D!!!

Peter Bernik said...

moacyr: I mostly use only Rawshooter for postprocessing (shadow&highlight contrast). If retouching is needed, then I do it in Photoshop - just the basic tools like clone stamp and healing brush, sometimes dodge tool and selective sharpening. I never use blur to soften the skin etc.

Olki: tisti kratki odstavek in naslov sem dodal le za tebe. Da vidim če boš ugriznil - prisežem!:)(no pa še za kakšnega ki rad ugrizne v kost). Da ne boš rekel da ležem je tukaj dokaz (moj drug blog).
In imaš seveda prav glede kredibilnosti, na to bolj gledam ko napišem kakšen test (ker je pač moje delo). Na forumu (in tokrat tudi tukaj), pa rad kdaj malo prcnem, da vidim odziv in da se malo zakuha hehe. To je nekako tako, kot z objavljanjem fotk; v galerijo gredo samo tiste, ki jih smatram za dobre (na lastnem nivoju jasno), tukaj pa tudi ostale, razna zajebancija itd. Je treba malo ločit - vsaj sam tako mislim in delam.

OLKI said...

Ti kar prcaj...hahahahah Sam ne grem tako močno na osebno noto, hahah.

Sem hotel bit bolj kot ne malo pokroviteljski oča z mojim nasvetom, me je pač za mladi rod malo strah, da se ne pokvari zaradi marktinških vzgibov...hahaha