Sunday, February 11, 2007


Today I went to the abandoned factory Rog with my friend Nikolaj. I planned on having a session there, so we went there to try a few improvised lighting setups, so I'd be ready for the session and wouldn't be loosing time with finding the right setup. Ok, setup is probably not the right word, since I only have a single Canon 430 EX flash unit and a 95 cm reflector. So we played around with different reflector positioning, bouncing the natural light from the reflector and flash from the ceiling or just flash of the reflector (in most cases). I hoped I'd be able to shoot with available light only in some parts of the factory, but unfortunately that wasn't possible. Besides that, my favourite prop was gone, a bed, a part of it really, made from wood and some kind of fabric, similar to velvet. I planned a big part of the session (with a female model, not with my friend:) around that bed. So I don't think I'm going to have a session there. What a shame, I was so happy, because I thought I found a great spot for my next session...

This shot was taken with the Canon 18-55 kit lens wide open (f3.5:)) and Canon 430 EX flash bounced off the reflector on the lower left and window light on the right:


lenyn said...

noobie, ti boš nikolaja v grob spravu. na vsaki fotki, ki jo objaviš, koo je gor, vedno kadi:DD

btk, kit je zakon!!! haha

še eksperimentov! :)

Peter Bernik said...

S čikom je bolj sexy:P.

Ja kit je zakon (za svoj keš), to sem vedno govoril...

Upam, da kmalu kaj resnega, v Rogu na žalost ne, ker je nekdo spizdil en hud naslon postelje okoli katerega sem imel že kup idej, grrr...Poleg tega ni pa notri nič takega za bejbe fotkat, za ambientalne fotke pa ni dovolj svetlobe.

Morem najdt kej novega.