Saturday, April 21, 2007

My dawgs (locked @f1.8)

I wanted to take photos today. Badly. I felt an urge to have a session. I had a few ideas and a couple of locations to try. But I couldn't get a model, I contacted a bunch of girls. With no luck, a few were studying, one on a trip in Holland, one is sick and the last was outta town.

I said to myself: ok, no models for today, I'll bother my friends (what's not even remotely close to a session with a model ofcourse, but better than nothing).So I brought my camera with me when I went for a cup of coffee with my friends, but the midday sun ruined everything (I didn't even try to take any photos). After I spent the whole day outside, I finally got "lucky" and took a few shots of my friends just before the sunset.

This is it:
Who tha playa, ho


Don't fuck with me, esse

Ker se cenim


Aljo said...

Tazadnja se mi zdi popolnoma nora

lenyn said...

enako, pomete

Peter Bernik said...

Tnx za komentarja.

Se s strinjam, čeprav mi tut triperski nista švoh (ne vem če je kdo dojel kako je posneta - čez špegle) in predzadnja, čeprav je bl pičkasta poza in perspektiva, mi nekak sede v isti rang.

mohario said...

ti kr v redu izpadle
jah ni kej le tko naprej

Peter Bernik said...

Mohar? Haha, kdo bi si mislu. Tvoje pa nism gor dal, ker mi je izostril na tist pramenček las, ki si ga mel pred očesom in so oči že mal iz fokusa. Prideš tut ti na vrsto:P. Pa škoda za tisto fotko, res je bla Jezus style.

RokoR said...

uh lepo si jih postrelal!

maja h. said...

hude so hude. una s pištolco je zakon. to vedno vžge. :)