Friday, June 29, 2007

Min DOFed big cats

I dug these in my archive. All of the photo below were taken over a year ago. Since I bought Canon EF 85 1.8 I started taking practically all the photos with it. Even big cats portraits. Most people are taking photos of these majestic predators with super tele lenses. I had a different approach. I connected with this cats in a similar way that I do with my models. Ok, don't take this too seriously, you can't verbally communicate with animals. But one can establish a different kind of connection with them. And as a result you can get photos that are a bit different.

Yeah, that was the time that my Canon EF 75-300 USM became obsolete.

Can you see the alertness in his eyes? Yeah we were close, eye to eye.

Another up close and personal. The king himself...

Min Dof leopard

And even closer. He's totally phlegmatic

This one is not min DOF. But it's still taken with 85 1.8. Ain't she a thang of beauty? She's is definitely Miss Ljubljana ZOO.

And remember: every subject can be min DOFed!:P


Kreg said...

Kako lepe muce.

Samo said...

Predzadnja in predpredzadnja sta super!

Tilen said...

mene pa zanima kak si pri zadnji sliki dobo tako črno ozadje, al si to naknadno obdelo v PS? drugače pa ja, dobre fotke

Peter Bernik said...

Hvala za komentarje.

Tilen: bila je pod drevesi, sonce pa že nizko. Sem pa en del potemnil, ker je bil na tleh sneg in je ven butal ravno pas snega. Pa pač naviti kontrasti.