Sunday, August 19, 2007

1Ds mkIII and 40D announcements tomorrow?

According to Amazon it sure looks like that! Specs like 21 mpix at 5fps, 3" LCD, integrated self-cleaning sensor unit and a lighter 1200g body (without the batteries) sure sound amazing. Priced at 7.990$. Full specs are available by clicking on the Amazon link.

The price of 40D is 1299.99$, full specs are also available on this link. Another great move from one of the major retailers, putting full specs and the price on their site before the announcement. I'm sure they'll get quite a few more buyers than they would if they waited until the announcement.

If this are the true specifications, Canon will make the competitors life (at least in prosumer class) a lot harder. It will again rise the bar higher, out of competitions reach. We'll see what Nikon will offer on Thursday the 24th, but if the rumoured D3 specifications are correct it will once again leap behind Canon. Good for Canon, bad for Nikon and the consumers, because prices won't start dropping.

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